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“Countries of the European Neighborhood Policy East and South: particular issues and common solutions for sustainable development of Europe”
[ Скачать с сервера (49.5 Kb) ] 09.04.2012, 14:01

Youth Club "Social Diplomacy” (Russia) jointly  with The Autonomous non-commercial organization "Center For Socio-political Studies 'Premier'” (Russia) announce the best research papers contest with a further symposium and publishing on the subject: 

"Countries of the European Neighborhood Policy East and South: particular issues and common solutions for sustainable development     of Europe 


As you know the program of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) is a new approach of the European Union to neighboring countries to strengthen relations between the EU and its neighbors and co-operation on the security and prosperity establishment, "the ring of friendly countries" on the borders of the European Union. ENP is also designed to give the EU neighboring countries a possibility of closer cooperation with the EU in politics, security, economy and culture. In this case 6 out of 16 countries in the program are included in the ENP (the Black Sea region particularly) Eastern Partnership, historically associated with socio-cultural processes taking place in Eastern Europe (Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine) and the Southern Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia). But the main idea is to create a joint research ground to explore and highlight existing issues and barriers in several macro-regions and platforms: ENP EAST, ENP SOUTH (e.g. Arab Spring), Eastern Partnership and the Black Sea region with active role of Turkey and Russia.

The competition aims: 

To conduct a survey by the most active young researchers on proposed issues and region development with a primary focus on macro-ENP (within different dimensions East and South), and in connection with the Black Sea region processes to develop mutually shared scenarios of local problems solving and to facilitate a sustainable development of Europe.

The competition objectives:

§        identify key problem areas and potential for cooperation in the relationship of macro-ENP (EAST and SOUTH) and the Black Sea region to identify successful practices of interaction with the EU institutions;

§        create a strong research interest among young experts to develop a communication space and joint research projects;

§        establish a network of experts on the macro-ENP and the Black Sea region interaction, including in order to replicate successful practices of interaction with the EU institutions;

§        formulate and convey practical advice on sustainable development for various actors in macro socio-political sphere of the ENP and the Black Sea region and the EU institutions.

Key subjects of the works:

§         Geopolitical factors of macro-ENP (East and South)  and the Black Sea region in the context of international cooperation;

§         Internal and external key socio-political factors of macro-region development;

§         Prospects and problems of macro-economic cooperation among the ENP and the Black Sea region;

§         Security problems in the macro-ENP (East and South) and the Black Sea region, including the pending inter-state conflict and peacekeeping initiatives. The influence of public diplomacy to conflict resolution process;

§         Intercultural dialogue: its process in macro-ENP (East, South, EaP, the Black Sea region, Euromed) and existing barriers, possible overcoming methods.

§         Human rights dimension and women empowerment (especially due East and South dimensions).

§         The role and activities of Russia's socio-political processes in the macro ENP (East and South) and the Black Sea as well as cooperation with European institutions;

§         Non-governmental sector current situation and development trends, the work of international funds on a territory of macro-region;

§         Ethno-cultural and ethno-political problems of macro-region modern migrations;

§         Youth interaction and policy of macro-region;

§         Possibilities of joint collaboration within ENP East and South – its dimensions, areas, common problems and reconciliation methods.

Requirements for authors:

§        Age - 20-40 years;

§        Type of duties - students, graduates, PhD and PhD students, researchers, educational institutions, government agencies and civil society organizations, media personnel and other professionals who are interested in this subject.

§        Citizenship - authors must be citizens of the following countries: all countries of the European Union, Euromed region, Armenia, AzerbaijanBelarus, BulgariaGeorgia, Moldova, Romania, RussiaTurkey and Ukraine.

§        Language – English.


Requirements for publications:


§        Harvard Referencing Style (http://www.lib.uct.ac.za/infolit/bibharvard.htm)

§        2500 words maximum

§        Deadline is 1st of June 2012

§        All texts are supposed to be sent to: seacooperation@gmail.com

§        You should place a summary before the main text including: issue urgency, used arguments, conclusions.

§        Please, provide your personal information by the next scheme:

Second name, First name,

place of work/study,


contact information – e-mail and mobile phone.


Participation is free (no fees).  The best papers collection on aspects and the main factors affecting on the development of macro-regions is planned to be published. The collection will have all the details of the official scientific publication (ISBN, referees and others).

Collection is scheduled to be sent to all authors of the articles included in the publication, as well as all interested states and non-profit institutions of these macro-regions.

Specialized workshops are supposed to be conducted. Participants will be selected due to results of the contest. The exact time and place will be announced separately in the second information letter.


Source of the news – http://youth-in-action.org/news/149-call-for-papers-countries-of-the-european-neighborhood-policy-east-and-south-particular-issues-and-common-solutions-for-sustainable-development-of-europe.html

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